16. aug. 2013

Style challenge: Peplum

Okay, so here I go with a blog post in English. One of my favorite bloggers, Girl with Curves, is having a style challenge and this time the challenge is to select two pictures with your favorite peplum tops. I'm in love with peplum tops as you can see in this blog post. It's kind of fun to participate in a challenge like this now and then. I was out in the sun yesterday with two of my absolute favorites and here you can see the result. The one in black and nude can you buy here, and the one in royal blue is from Tara (I got it from my parents as a Christmas present). When I took the picture with the black and nude peplum top, a dragonfly came by and I got a bit startled. But I like the picture because it shows the top very well and I also think it's a lively picture :)

Legg igjen ein fin tanke