12. jan. 2014

Topp 5 – sitat frå den siste Harry Potter-boka

""He’ll be all right," murmured Ginny. As Harry looked at her, he lowered his hand absent-mindedly and touched the lightning scar on his forehead. "I know he will." The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well." Slik lyder den aller siste passasjen i Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows som er den siste boka om Harry Potter. Tårene berre rann og rann og rann då eg las den ferdig førre laurdag. Eg vil ikkje det skal vere ferdig sjølv om eg så altfor godt veit at det er det. Det hjelper litt å sjå på filmane innimellom, sjå tilbake på fine sitat som desse:

"She was really cut up when you ended it- ". 
"So was I. You know why I stopped it, and it wasn’t because I wanted to." 
"Yeah, but you go snogging her now and she’s just going to get her hopes up again- ". 
"She’s not an idiot, she knows it can’t happen, she’s not expecting us to- to end up married, or- ". As he said it, a vivid picture formed in Harry’s mind of Ginny in a white dress, marrying a tall, faceless and unpleasant stranger. 
- dialog mellom Ron og Harry, og ein dialog som eg synest er litt artig med tanke på det som skjer seinare i boka

"No," said Ron seriously, "I mean we should tell them to get out. We don’t want anymore Dobbies, do we? We can’t order them to die for us—". There was a clatter as the basilisk fangs cascaded out of Hermione’s arms. Running at Ron, she flung them around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Ron threw away the fangs and broomstick he was holding and responded with such enthusiasm that he lifted Hermione off her feet. "Is this the moment?" Harry asked weakly, and when nothing happened except that Ron and Hermione gripped each other still more firmly and swayed on the spot, he raised his voice. "Oi! There’s a war going on here!". Ron and Hermione broke apart, their arms still around each other.
- endeleg seier eg berre!

"Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?"
"For him?" shouted Snape. "Expecto Patronum!". From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: she landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears. "After all this time?" "Always," said Snape.
- Snape til Dumbledore om sin kjærleik til Harry si mor Lily.

"Tell me one last thing," said Harry. "Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?" Dumbledore beamed at him, and his voice sounded loud and strong in Harry's ears even though the bright mist was descending again, obscuring his figure. "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"
- har denne med rett og slett fordi eg synest det er vittig sagt

"Albus Severus," Harry said quietly, so that nobody but Ginny could hear, and she was tactful enough to pretend to be waving to Rose, who was now on the train, "you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew."
- Harry til den yngste sonen sin som er redd for at valhatten skal plassere han i Slytherin og ikkje i Gryffindor

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